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               we can be your teens best role model"

Diane Diane, Our President

brings to Approach Driving School 14 years of experience.

In 2002 she was instrumental in petitioning the state to provide road tests at the Randolph Motor Vehicle Commission.  This being said she has a keen knowledge of the process from your vision test straight through to your road test.  Her calm approach in dealing with first time drivers makes us stand above the others.

Don Willmot  Don, our Vice President,

Don brings with him many, many years of riding motorcycles and driving cars.
He is a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach and is a professionally trained Driving Instructor.  Having taught more than 4000 students and countless hours of coaching new drivers of all ages there is no situation that Don has not been in.  He has a passion for teaching anything with two or four wheels.


We are now handling students for the Morris Hills Regional District. Parents should call for the pricing on the 6 hour course for their teens

Our instructors will start by explaining the fundamentals of the car including all controls and how they work.   Next we work up to small side roads making sure that the student is in a comfortable and safe environment.   After mastering the slower back roads we will work the student into smaller local city roads. During the six hours our instructors will furnish you with open verbal communication on the progress of your teen or loved one.   We understand the concerns you may have and we are here to make the process smooth and simple for you.

We will go over parallel parking if we are satisfied the student has achieved some basic understanding of the important "life saving skills" of turning, steering, backing and anticipating what other drivers are doing. To critique the parallel parking in the first 6 hours may give the parent a false sense of what the student is really capable of. It is a prerequisite to getting a license which the student is far from needing at this point. We strongly suggest you request that lesson closer to his/her road test.


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Practice with your car!
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1. Teen's 6 hrs.
2. Road test with review
3. Car rentals
4. Motorcycle lessons
5. Stick shift lessons
6. Senior evaluations

Our instructors will practice parallel parking in our parking area at our office. That way you do not to have to wait for other driving schools and students to get done with their practice!