About Our Instructors

Driving Lessons for Morris County, New Jersey
Diane Sullivan

Diane Sullivan


Diane brings 19 years of driving instruction experience to Approach Driving School. In 2002, Diane was instrumental in petitioning the state to provide road tests at the Randolph Motor Vehicle Commission. She has a keen knowledge of the process from the vision test straight through to the road test. Her calm approach in dealing with first time drivers makes Approach Driving School stand above the others.

Diane has over 5,900 hours in training students with “6 hours behind the wheel,” has one of the highest success rates in applicants passing the state road test, and tutors the state written exam. Diane has trained and documented paperwork for many instructors in starting their own Driving Schools.

Diane began her training in driving as a bus driver for nearly 20 years where she learned the importance of safety and communicating with kids and young adults about safety.

I feel honored that Kyle Holder an intern at the Governor’s office called me when he was asked by the Governor to call a local driving school to be present at yesterday’s bill signing. Needless to say that I and all that were present were very moved by the accounts of this one careless moment that has devastated this family. Because of everyone’s support it has given them strength and purpose in their son’s memory. I promised Nikhil’s dad as an owner of a driving school I will make sure every new driver understands that “STOP MEANS STOP”.

Diane Sullivan (middle) poses with Kendall and Kyle Holder while present at the "Nikhil Law" signing by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno.

Diane Sullivan (middle) poses with Kendall and Kyle Holder while present at the “Nikhil’s Law” signing by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno.

kguadagno-signs-nikhils-lawActing Governor Kim Guadagno speaks during the signing of “Nikhil’s Law” (A-1781) at the Motor Vehicle Commission in Randolph. The bill was named for 11-year-old Nikhil Badlani, who was killed in a car crash in 2011 when another car failed to stop at a stop sign.

Mike Hangley


approach-driving-nj-mike-hangleyMike has worked for Pepsi for over 25 years – 17 years as a driver and 8 as a supervisor.

Mike has successfully rolled out The Smith System and TEST (Ten Easy Safety Tips) Drive defensive driving programs to the New Jersey Market and is a certified TEST Master Trainer for Pepsi.

Mike has been credited with saving the lives of a co-worker and his son and was asked to appear in three driver training videos that have been instituted by Pepsi worldwide.

Mike lives in Hopatcong with his wife of 29 years and their four children.

Before Mike became a driving instructor for Approach Driving his daughter had won her driving lessons from Approach Driving at the Hopatcong High School Annual Tricky Tray!


Kristen Agens


kristen-agens-approach-instructorKristen Agens is a lifelong resident of Netcong married with one young son. She works at the Netcong Elementary School and is and great with kids! Kristen has been very instrumental in allowing Approach to come into schools and talk to parents to start talking to their young kids the fundamentals of driving.

Mubashra Sheikh


Mubashra is a mother of four children who understands the importance of teaching teens, as well as adults, how to drive safely and responsibly. Mubashra has several years’ experience as a driving instructor. She builds confidence in student drivers so they can pass the road test and drive with awareness when they get their license.

Mubashra is fluent in three languages – English, Urdo, Panjandrum and Panjabi.

If you would like to read more about Mubashra, check our our reviews on Google and Yelp.

Joe Newkirk


joe_approach_driving_schoolJoe is the longest-running instructor at Approach Driving School and also works as an Emergency Response Technician. Joe is a father of three and understands the importance of teaching young drivers how to handle tough situations and threats on the road. Joe teaches each student with the same care he would his own children.

Joe is a Roxbury resident and regularly supports the Roxbury cheerleaders by raffling free driving lessons to finance their cheer trips to Florida. He is the kind of dad that attends every meet, and you won’t see a prouder father!

Christina Ferrante


christina_approach_driving_schoolChristina Ferrante is one of our most requested instructors for female students. She prepares students for real, unexpected driving scenarios. She builds confidence and awareness for her drivers, and she prepares each of them to understand a vehicle’s dynamics so that they arrive safely every time they drive.

Fred Eckert Jr.


Fred has worked with teenagers for over twenty years, volunteering with the church youth group and working as a counselor with Willow Glen Academy for juvenile delinquents. He serves as a counsel for Morris Juvenile Council and is also the owner of a home-based business “New Jersey’s Forgotten History” which entertains and educates the public on the exciting history of New Jersey.

fred_approach_driving_SchoolFred works with Approach Driving School and offers a map reading class for students at $10.00 per 45 minute class.

He and his wife Cindy have three grown children and have resided in Netcong for 32 years.

Fred’s sense of humor often helps students relax and focus on their driving tests!

Allison Hermann


allison_approach_driving_schoolAllison is currently a driver’s education teacher in the Irvington High School system as well as a PE teacher. Allison received a B.A. from Montclair State University in health and physical education in 2006. She lives in Stanhope and would be available after school and on weekends for students from Lenape Valley School and Randolph High school.

Allison is the Head Middle School Cross Country Coach and the 2ndAssistant Coach for Varsity Track and Field for Gil St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone. Allison is very easy-going and patient. She works well with teens and is seeking to someday work as a driver’s education teacher in the Morris County area and closer to home!

Sioban Rooney-Opperman


Sioban-Opperman-RooneySioban Rooney-Opperman is married to a paramedic and she is also now in training to become one herself. Sioban has 2 daughters and is currently training her own 16 year old and when she is not teaching she offers classes in CPR. Sioban lives in Byram and her kids attend Lenape Valley. We have had alot of students say how comfortable is was to be to be taught driving lessons with a mom they know!

Sioban wanted to add to her bio she makes her daughter practice drive with her everywhere so she has enough experience before driving alone at 17 years.