6-Point ID Verification at New Jersey MVC

Driving Lessons for Morris County, New Jersey

New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) Verification Requirements

In order to obtain licenses and permits at MVC, you are required to pass the 6 Point ID Verification.

This procedure was designed to help prevent identity theft by ensuring that all licenses are distributed accurately with proper legal documents and verification.

You must prove that your presence in the country is authorized under federal law
Your application will only be accepted when the proper documents are presented. Any false or invalid documents will also be refused.

If your name does not match that on your birth certificate, you must provide alternative documentation for the name change (i.e. marriage certificate)

This requires you to prepare information prior to visiting an MVC Agency, possibly resulting in special document requests from other state agencies.

Paperwork Needed

Before you head to the New Jersey MVC Office, make sure you have the following required documents to get your license. Examples include:

Certified or original Birth certificate issued in any state
Drivers license or instruction permit issued in another state
U.S. passport
U.S.military ID card (active duty, retired, reserve)
New Jersey ID card
Social Security Number, if issued,
Documents from a court of record
Marriage certificate
Parental Consent Form if under 18



“I was very happy with my lesson. I was able to get the hang of learning fairly quickly; and credit that to my driving instructor…who was encouraging and knowledgeable."

David A. - New York, NY