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Driving Lessons for Morris County, New Jersey

“I was very happy with my lesson. I was able to get the hang of learning fairly quickly; and credit that to my driving instructor…who was encouraging and knowledgeable.

They have other services besides learning to drive stick. They also offer the classic six hours of behind the wheel training (for new drivers), road test review, and motorcycle lessons. If you are in the area and need driving instruction, these guys are worth checking out.”

David A. – New York, NY

review_fbYehey!!! Thank you Approach Driving School…especially to Craig and Diane….I passed my road test today and got my drivers license. 🙂 You are the best!

Yllej L.

Had such a great experience with Diane! DMV gave us trouble with a temporary insurance card, so we went to Approach. Even though it was last minute, she drove me to the test and gave me immeasurable tips and advice. I highly recommend Approach for fair prices and knowledgeable instructors. I passed and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Adrienne B.

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A Living Testimonial

From The Mother Of A Recent Student

My daughter was driving with her best friend, also 18, in the front passenger seat towards her old high school. A pickup truck didn’t see her coming down the road, in oncoming traffic arounb 40-50 mph. And turned directly in fron t of her. Thanks to your instructors’ teaching, she slammed on the brake, maintained control of her car, swerved successfully around the pickup truck just barely missing it.

As my daughter reported to me:

Mom, I just have to tell you, taking that course saved Brooke’s and my life today! I didn’t have time to think… I just reacted as they taught us. We would have been killed… At least an ambulance ride… The pickup driver was so shaken up and apologetic. He kept saying how sorry he was… He said he just didn’t see us. I wouldn’t have known what to do, or slam on the brakes, if it weren’t for this course and what they taught us… it saved our lives.

So can you please tell the course director and driver from Sunday, that they saved 2 lives on Friday; my daughter and her best friend.

I am flying today to drop my daughter off to start her freshman year. If it weren’t for your course, and the superb teaching, we would be having a very different experience this week… not celebrating a daughter’s milestone to begin college, but a far worse parent’s worst nightmare instead.

So I just wanted to thank you and your instructors from the bottom of my heart.

–A Grateful Parent

Great price for a great service. Son had a 1 hour pretest review and got his license!! Highly recommend.

Maritza C.

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Hello Diane,

My son Garrett, who was very apprehensive about getting his driver’s license, needed a good driving school and instead found a great driving school.

Mary, who answers your phone was extremely professional and very friendly. Her attitude gave me the confidence to pursue your school. Thank you Mary.

The two hours Garrett spent on the road with Christina totally increased his confidence that he could pass the driving test. Thank you Christina.

And Diane, your graciousness in communicating with me as the owner of Approach Driving School showed a personal hands-on touch. Thank you Diane. We are a very satisfied customer!


Sandy Gorman

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Michael Hetherington
“Approach Driving School was the best driving school I have ever encountered. Not only did they make me feel at ease before my test but they took me through the steps I needed to pass the test. I would not have a license without them.”

Mukhtarali Khatib
“Diane is the most wonderful instructor possible. She explains all details with all patience and gives expert tips. The pricing is very reasonable and its great value for money.”

Approach Driving School was a lifesaver! My daughter worked with Diane right before the test. Her knowledge of the course and experience with the personnel made this experience much smoother. My daughter passed and believes Diane’s pointers helped her tremendously. Diane is competitively priced and worth every dollar. I will work with Approach when my younger children are ready.

Amy H.

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Couldn’t have been happier.

A big THANK YOU to Diane and Mary who saved my butt at the last minute! Our car doesn’t have a center emergency brake and we got rejected from the course. Luckily, there was an Approach Driving School car at the DMV so in ONE phone call we got the review lesson from Diane… FULL of useful tips… use of their car and an escort through the test. Passed with no problem, even in an unfamiliar car. Couldn’t have been happier. Thanks again. You guys are GREAT!

Evan & Mark Oberthaler

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“My son took his driving test this morning with Fred and he passed with ease. He was so relaxed and said all Fred’s tips paid off. My son said he was very patient and said that Fred’s lesson was so worth it.

Thank you again. I will be referring friends to you in the future!”
Holly M.